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Holy Toledo!

Today was a very busy day. There were a few presentations this morning about stuff that was interesting, but somewhat mind numbing. This afternoon, however, rocked the Casbah! We went out to Willow Cree Healing Lodge on the Beardy’s First Nation Reserve. It’s a federal facility that houses up to 40 male offenders, they call relatives in Cree. I can’t remember the word but they’re not inmates or residents, they’re relatives.

I was totally blown away by the dedication of the staff from the guy who runs security (it’s a minimum security facility with no fences at all) to the Elder to the other facilitators. There are actually 4 Elders, two women and two men. It’s an amazing place that leaves me with some hope for the future of the people who live there. Though the men who live there aren’t requried to do programmng, the point of going there is to reconnect with their culture, heritage and spirituality. There was a group of men who were out with an Elder doing a sweat. Another group were preparing the feast for after the sweat.

Sadly most of the program staff were away at CSC functions. The parole officers from Saskatoon were also at that. Any, I was totally amazed and impressed. I wish that we had been able to do the entire day there like had been originally planned and I”m totally pissed off that the guy who was supposed to have arranged that was a dick, did nothing and then quit leaving things in the lurch.

If you want to learn about Canadians, go here. You’ll learn everything there is to know. Yes, I’m being sarcastic, but it is funny.’

Did I say I was still sick? Well, I am.

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  1. goblinbox Says:

    I’ll never forgive you for Loverboy.


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