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Rainbow Ribbons

I got one on a fruit arrangement sent to me by the boss. My boss won’t be ordering from them again. Something about them saying he was rude to them, though he insists he wasn’t. I tend to believe him over the company. Why, you ask? This is the same company that scolded me after Thomas died because he had issues finding our house and then had to phone to confirm that I was in. This time I was scolded because 1. I was out when he first tried to deliver the order and 2. I had the audacity to have the inside and outside porch lights on when we were out (even though the rest of the house was dark). You know, because we don’t need to have the lights on when we get home, right? Yeah. There are more fruit arrangement places in town now.

Life is getting back to normal.I had to apply again for interest relief from Canada Student Loans. I wish I could just pay the damned thing off in one fell swoop. However, I don’t have a spare fortune hanging around growing mould with which to repay them. Sucks.

I’ve been watching a show called “Most Evil” and have been enormously frustrated. First off, the psychiatrist who is trying to quantify “evil” is at best, unscientific. There is no clear system for categorizing people. There are too many categories (parsimony aka keep it simple, stupid). He includes those who were psychotic and whose minds are unable to recognize what is real. Seriously, they make it on the evil scale. The scale he uses, however he uses it, appears to be very arbitrary.

There’s not a lot going on right now. I did some dishes on the weekend. I haven’t messed up my desk since I tidied it. I shredded all the necessary shredding stuff. I have to download the tax forms for Thomas’s taxes from last year because they want a paper copy. When I complete his, I can complete mine. The tax office in Saskatoon is closed so there’s no tax forms only mailbox in front of the building anymore.

Exciting, yes?

2 Responses to “Rainbow Ribbons”

  1. Janice Says:

    Have you been watching ID Discovery channel? Those “shrinks” are full of crap. I watch the shows because I find the life like reenactments-they’re funny.

  2. Naomi Says:

    I would love to get ID. However, no Western Canadian cable or satellite carrier has it in their line up (I checked). I would seriously consider getting cable again if I could be assured that I’d get that channel. There’s an internet thing that might, but I haven’t been able to find what channels they have in their Canadian selection.

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